Are you looking to open a Bubble Football business and need some help?Are you looking to buy a bubble football franchise?


Thinking about opening your own bubble football business in the UK that you can run in the spare time of evenings and weekends, that’s hassle free and highly profitable?? Bubble football is the ultimate sport taking over kid’s parties, stag & hen parties and corporate events, that can do all this for you.

The fantastic opportunity to open a great bubble football business in the UK will certainly not leave you with any regrets. If you are wanting to jump at this great opportunity to grab a bubble football franchise, we will be with you every step of the way offering constant support and guidance, gained from years of experience.

A bubble football or Zorb Football business is simple to set up and need not cost too much in an initial investment. All you need is a location to play, the bubble footballs and a sense of fun!

Whether you are in independent business owner or a club looking for something different, we are offering the chance to franchise in the UK, where we will do all the hard work for you and give you everything you need to set up a bubble football business, including the following for your bubble football business: All the inflatable balls you need to set up the games of bubble football (easy to clean & can be stored anywhere), pumps and puncture repair kits (Just in case).

The bubble footballs come in a variety of colours such as blue and red so just let us know what colours best suit you. We will get the balls to your front door in a matter of weeks with no hassle of importation for you.

Package 1

We can supply different sizes for adults and children, as it makes sense to have the correct size for your target market (not sure what your target should be? Just ask us as happy to share our thoughts with you). You would normally play 5 a side matches so you need a total of 10 footballs but you may wish to have a spare incase of any damage.

You can get different grades of material that the zorb footballs are made from such as PVC or TPU depending on your start up budget. We have experience with both and can advise you accordingly as for example TPU is more flexible and water resistant than PVC , it is tougher, in order to take the wear and tear of being bumped around but costs more money.

We can have your company logo printed onto the ball to really stand out and ensure that polished corporate look (plus when people take photos and post them on Facebook / Instagram, you get free advertising!).

A full guide to maintaining and cleaning all equipment ready for each use.

Prices start at 3,000 pounds to 7,000 depending on the number of balls, quality etc - contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Package 2

All included in the package 1 above plus this below.

A fully functioning website, which is made to be very search engine friendly so people will find you on Google. It will have 5 – 7 pages depending on what you need and typically includes a home page, contact page, FAQ page, contact us page, location page etc. It can be configured to take money for the bookings should you want, with the money going directly to the bank account of your choice.

A few different contact email addresses so you can receive enquiries, reply to them and create bookings. A proper corporate email always seems more professional than just a gmail account!

A full and in depth ‘how to guide’ for setting up your bubble football business, with for example all the different games that can be played to encourage people of all ages and sexes to play.

Marketing ideas - for example tips on creating photos and recording video footage for use on social media accounts and links for YouTube. 

Creation of your own unique bubble football logo.

Social media accounts - We set up accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which will help in promoting your business. This will also include a full guide to expanding your followers / friends and gaining more likes and shares over all. We can advise on organic and paid campaigns to grow your relevant accounts.

Realistic growth projections for the growth of your business to ensure your business plan does not disappoint! How much you can charge, different ways to charge to ensure it looks good value to your customers, how many hours you can expect and ways to encourage more hours per booking etc.

Cost effective insurance to cover potential injuries etc

Copies of injury waiver forms for both adults and kids

Copy template of an invitation you can give to clients so they can send them to their friends

Bubble football can be set up almost anywhere suiting both indoor & outdoor venues so it can be enjoyed all year round.

Prices start at 5,000 pounds to 10,000 depending on the number of balls, quality etc - We can tailor a package to you depending on exactly what you want so feel free to contact us today to discuss your requirements.


If you are interested with a franchise in Bubble football then please feel free to get in touch at +350 54044014