Childrens Party ideas in Gibraltar or Kids Party Ideas in Gibraltar......... Bubble Football!


Looking for the ultimate idea for a Childrens Party in Gibraltar or a kids Party in Gibraltar?! We all know how difficult it can be to find Kids party ideas each year that keep everyone entertained. Look no further, Bubble Football Gibraltar will ensure to kick off your childs party in Gibraltar with something fun and a little bit different! Bubble football is ideal for children of all ages over 9 years, guaranteeing hours of laughter and lots of bumping around. It is the type of activity that is truely memorable abd will have you still talking about it in years to come.


The whole of Gibraltar is going mad for Bubble football. This new fun packed action game will allow all the fun of regular football but with a twist – being inside a giant inflatable ball! Children wait all year for their big day to arrive so imagine their faces when they get to play the Europe’s no 1 sport without all the regular rules! Bubble football Gibraltar will literally take your Kids party to the next level!

Two teams will take to the field for the rule free game of football where fouls are greatly encouraged in order to take out your opponents! Being one of the fastest growing crazes bubble football will give your childs party in Gibraltar the ‘’WOW’’ factor, different to other childrens parties in GIbraltar we have to warn you that your child and their friends will quickly become be the talk of their school, for hosting the ‘coolest’ parties.


Our goal is to provide you with the best children’s party possible... Your goal – get the ball into the net (which sounds a lot easier than it actually is!!!).


Bubble football is the latest craze to hit Europe and we will ensure that we give your childs party the most special and memorable day. Protected by big inflatable bubbles, players try to play football with hilarious results. The ball surrounds the body like a bubble resulting in plenty of crashes and bashes and laughs for everyone involved. Bubble football is combining the best parts of two opposite sports for the greatest party experience. The well known and loved football crosses with giant bubbles for you to try and play a game of football which becomes more than hilarious for players and spectators.



We tend to run the childrens party on weekends but we can also acomodate times in the week so please contact us to discuss securing a time and day for your childrens party in Gibraltar. We operate on Eastern Beach so there is plenty of parking and a play area for the younger kids who are not able to play, plus a cafe for light snacks and refreshments. We are happy to make any requests possible so please feel to ask if you want something specific for your childs big day.


The price is £15 per person for minimum of 10 people – extra players go for FREE! - So if there are the maximum of 20 playing then this is £7.50 a person + free drinks for those playing. You will also get a free video and photos from the day, to enjoy forever!


Kids parties in Gibraltar FAQs

1) Is there an age limit? You need to be 1.30 metres or taller to play we generally recommend that the children are 9 years or older.

2) How many people can play bubble football? It depends on exactly what you want to do with your time but if you intend to play football then more then 8 people and up to 20 is fine. Anymore than 20 is OK but it will obviously limit the amount of time that they all get to play.

3) Can we take photos or film the event? We activly encourage this as you you definately get some classics

4) Can we bring spectators? Yes no worries - they get the best photos and video

5) Can adults play? - We suggest that combining adults that do not fit into a kids size ball is not advisable in case of any potential injury that may be incurred.



Childrens parties in Gibraltar FAQs

6) What happens if we have odd numbers? play anyway!

7) Do we have to play football? No you can also compete in the Bubble Championship.

The bubble championship is going to be a battle to end all battles; surrounded by a big blow up ball, war lines on your face, friendships will be tested. 5 separate challenges where each player can score some points, whoever has the most at the end will become THE Bubble champion!

A) Bubble Duel - The ultimate big belly bounce, a one-on-one battle to the death... Not really, but in order to win you do need to make sure you’re the last person standing, after you’ve bounced your opponent to the ground that is.

B) Head over heels - Climb inside the inflatable ball and just roll forward over your head (do not worry your head is protected!). See how many you can do in a row, with anything over 7 being a decent score.

C) Bubble bowling - 4 vs 1 – but the 1 has the control. You will have to hurtle your way towards 4 bubble-wrapped humans, knocking as many over as you possibly can in one go. Will they strike you out, or will you be able to spare your dignity and bag you some points?

D The Washing Machine - A slightly crazy game involving a race against others, to see who can reach the finish line first - but with a twist! One of you will be in the bubble and be rolled to the finish line by a team mate, whilst competing against other rival couples. Whoever wins gets the points!

E) British Bulldog - If you grew up in the 90s this was the playground game of choice! One person tries to knock over anyone who is trying to get past them to the finish line. If you get knocked over you are out but the last person standing takes the points!