FAQ for Bubble Football

When can I play Bubble Football Gibraltar?

Currently we are playing down at Eastern Beach so to ensure the space is available then we start from from between 10am to 11am on weekends and from 6.30pm on Friday nights.

Price is £15 per person for a minimum of 10 people – extra players go for FREE! - So if there are the maximum of 20 playing then this is £7.50 a person + free drinks for those playing. You will also get photos from the day, to enjoy forever!

For larger groups or tournaments discounts will be available so contact us for information.


What are the rules of Bubble Football?

- We loosely follow traditional Football rules. For example, there are no Off-Sides!
- You start the game with the Football ball in the middle of the field. The players stand on their prospective goal lines & when the ref blows the whistle everyone runs to the ball at the same time resulting in some Bubble Ballers rolling around on the ground!
- The real fun is just beginning because when you crash into another player, both of you will go flying in different directions.
- Each team typically has 5 players and 1 substitute
- Substitutions can be made during the game as needed
- All play stops immediately when the referee blows the whistle
- No kicking or bumping into a player when they are on the floor
- No bumping a player when they are trying to stand back up
- Don’t knock down someone who is not facing you
- No fighting – ejections will happen (no refunds)
- No launching into anyone’s legs at any time
- No kicking the equipment (Bubble Balls)
- If the Bubble Ball gets punctured please let the ref know
- You must remain in the Bubble Ball when in play
- Failure to follow the rules means you may be asked to leave the game, without refund.

Please arrive 20 minutes early to sign waiver & get comfortable in the Bubble Ball!
Don’t forget to drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated during the game!

Do we have to play football?

No we have a number of other games you can play! We can run the 'Bubble Championship' for those who do not wish to play football, to see who will be crowned 'The Bubble Champion'!


The bubble championship is going to be a battle to end all battles; surrounded by a big blow up ball, war lines on your face, friendships will be tested. 5 separate challenges where each player can score some points, whoever has the most at the end will become THE Bubble champion!


1) Bubble Duel  - The ultimate big belly bounce, a one-on-one battle to the death... Not really, but in order to win you do need to make sure you’re the last person standing, after you’ve bounced your opponent to the ground that is.

2) Head over heels - Climb inside the inflatable ball and just roll forward over your head (do not worry your head is protected!). See how many you can do in a row, with anything over 7 being a decent score.

3) Bubble bowling - 4 vs 1 – but the 1 has the control. You will have to hurtle your way towards 4 bubble-wrapped humans, knocking as many over as you possibly can in one go. Will they strike you out, or will you be able to spare your dignity and bag you some points?

4) The Washing Machine - A slightly crazy game involving a race against others, to see who can reach the finish line first - but with a twist! One of you will be in the bubble and be rolled to the finish line by a team mate, whilst competing against other rival couples. Whoever wins gets the points!

5) British Bulldog - If you grew up in the 90s this was the playground game of choice! One person tries to knock over anyone who is trying to get past them to the finish line. If you get knocked over you are out but the last person standing takes the points!


Other Bubble Football Games


1) Dizzy bubble penalties - A much loved favourite! You will be spun to the point where your legs forget how to work, and then try and score a goal, making it as hilarious to watch as it will be to actually do.

2) Cross bar challenge - Simple, surely! All you have to do is kick the ball so it hits the crossbar... whilst in a bubble... which may (definitely will) impact on your ability to see. Who will come out on top?!   


What is the smallest group size?

 Our minimum prices are for a group of 10 people. You can play with just 8, but less than that isn’t so much fun.

What should I wear?

The same kit you would wear for a session of 5-a-side football or gym training. Shorts, a t-shirt and trainers are ideal (no studs please). It gets hot in the bubbles so we advise if you get sweaty to bring a towel!

When can we play?

You can play at a time that suits you so contact us and we will find out for you but normally we start at either 6pm - 8pm on a Friday or 10am - 11am on a Saturday or Sunday.

What should I bring?

Bring a bottle of water as bubble football is thirsty work.… and a good sense of humour!

How do I pay my deposit and secure the time and date?

Contact us and we will sort everything out for you but you need to pay a 50 pound deposit to our office just off Irish Town by Main Street or via bank transfer

Can I book for more than one hour?

Yes! We recommend groups over 20 players make a 2-hour booking to ensure everyone gets enough playing time

What if I don’t know exactly how many people are going to play?

That’s fine. The payment is for an hour regardless of how many players you have but we advise that 20 players is a maximum.

Who can play?

Any age can play as long as they are over 1.30metres tall so that normally means the kids are over 9 years old but we are happy to chat to you about your requirements.

Is it safe?

It is a contact sport and so there is of course a risk of injury, just as there would be in a traditional football game. However as long as you follow our safety instructions, avoid reckless tackles and have no existing medical conditions that could be agitated by contact, injuries are no more likely than in a game of 5-a-side football.

How do I pay?

You will need to drop down a non refundable deposit of 50 pounds to the address on the contact us page or via bank transfer and the rest you can pay on the day

What's the address of the pitch?

We used to play on the Astro Pitch at Europa Point but due to the building work up there we are now playing at either Eastern Beach or Sandy Bay.

Can we do bubble football as team building activity?

Yes we do Bubble Football as a team building activities in Gibraltar as is a perfect solution for alot of fun and laughter