Bubble Football as a Corporate Event Activity in Gibraltar


If you are looking for a Corporate Event activity in Gibraltar then Bubble Football has all the elements you need for a great and very fun event. You will certainly laugh and have some cazy fun that only running in to each and safely knocking each other over can bring! It is a team game so naturally you will bond via the nature of being on a team and working towards a common goal. The main game is based on 5 a side football but with rules thta are alot more relaxed to increase the fun.

We can run a variety of Corporate Event activities in Gibraltar depending on what you are looking for as football is not the only option but please contact us for further information and we can put something together for you.

Football is not for everyone so if you want some fun games that do not involve playing Bubble Football in Gibraltar then the Bubble Championship is for you. It creates a really entertaining and lighthearted competitive environment which is perfect for team building and team bonding.

The bubble championship is going to be a battle to end all battles; surrounded by a big blow up ball, war lines on your face, friendships will be tested. 5 separate challenges where each player can score some points, whoever has the most at the end will become THE Bubble champion!

1) Bubble Duel - The ultimate big belly bounce, a one-on-one battle to the death... Not really, but in order to win you do need to make sure you’re the last person standing, after you’ve bounced your opponent to the ground that is.

2) Head over heels - Climb inside the inflatable ball and just roll forward over your head (do not worry your head is protected!). See how many you can do in a row, with anything over 7 being a decent score.

3) Bubble bowling - 4 vs 1 – but the 1 has the control. You will have to hurtle your way towards 4 bubble-wrapped humans, knocking as many over as you possibly can in one go. Will they strike you out, or will you be able to spare your dignity and bag you some points?

4) The Washing Machine - A slightly crazy game involving a race against others, to see who can reach the finish line first - but with a twist! One of you will be in the bubble and be rolled to the finish line by a team mate, whilst competing against other rival couples. Whoever wins gets the points!

5) British Bulldog - If you grew up in the 90s this was the playground game of choice! One person tries to knock over anyone who is trying to get past them to the finish line. If you get knocked over you are out but the last person standing takes the points!



Corporate Event Session Bookings prices depending on what you wish to do and the number of people you have. For example it you want 20 people to play one game of football then you need to book an hour but you want to run a football tournament with everyone getting 3 games then you need 2 hours. You can rent the pitch for an hour for 150 pounds but we are open to longer timescales should you want and will discuss a discount for more time.

So why not try Bubble Football for your next Corporate Event event in Gibraltar and come down for an experience that you will be talking about for weeks!

 Please contact us to discuss paying the deposit and securing a time and day.

The members looking to participate in the Corporate Event activity in Gibraltar will need to sign a waiver, that absolves us from any liability if you should injure yourself – see here for a copy