Bubble Football in Gibraltar

Bubble Football in Gibraltar has launched and is taking party bookings now!

If you’re looking to book a fun and action-packed activity for a group of friends, kids party, corporate team building or a stag / hen do in Gibraltar, you’ve come to the right place!

Bubble football in Gibraltar is the new craze to hit Europe and involves playing 5-a-side football, whilst inside an inflatable ball so you can bump into other players to create a crazy and fun game of football. It is like a marriage of the beautiful game of football and bumper cars! We’ve got everything you need for a fun game of bubble football in Gibraltar so just book a time and come and enjoy the madness!

We also run the 'Bubble Championship' for those who do not wish to play football, to see who will be crowned 'The Bubble Champion'! - see below for more info


Mad Football Skillz Needed?

Amazing football skills are truly not required to play Bubble Football in Gibraltar – to tackle your opponent you’ll need to bash into them, resulting in some hilarious bounces and a truly memorable experience.

Anyone of any size, fitness or age, can play, as we have 2 different size balls so as long as you are able to run around you can join in the fun. It is important from a safety perspective, that you play in the correct size ball so please let us know when booking, if it is for kids or adults. There is a minimum height of 1.30 metres and no maximum height.


The price is £15 per person for minimum of 10 people – extra players go for FREE! - So if there are the maximum of 20 playing then this is £7.50 a person + free drinks for those playing. You will also get some photos from the day, to enjoy forever!

For larger groups or tournaments discounts will be available


We used to play on the Astro Pitch at Europa Point but due to the building work up there we are now playing at either Eastern Beach or Sandy Bay. We tend to take bookings on weekends and generally have availability at any time, so contact us about a time and day.


To ensure the we can book your chosen date and time please give us atleast a weeks notice but please contact us and we will try and accomodate your request.  


See below for a Video of Bubble Football


What is The Bubble Championship?


Football is not for everyone so if you want some fun games that do not involve playing Bubble Football in Gibraltar then the Bubble Championship is for you.

The bubble championship is going to be a battle to end all battles; surrounded by a big blow up ball, war lines on your face, friendships will be tested. 6 separate challenges where each player can score some points, whoever has the most at the end will become THE Bubble champion!

1) Bubble Duel  - The ultimate big belly bounce, a one-on-one battle to the death... Not really, but in order to win you do need to make sure you’re the last person standing, after you’ve bounced your opponent to the ground that is.

2) Head over heels - Climb inside the inflatable ball and just roll forward over your head (do not worry your head is protected!). See how many you can do in a row, with anything over 7 being a decent score.

3) Bubble bowling - 4 vs 1 – but the 1 has the control. You will have to hurtle your way towards 4 bubble-wrapped humans, knocking as many over as you possibly can in one go. Will they strike you out, or will you be able to spare your dignity and bag you some points?

4) The Washing Machine - A slightly crazy game involving a race against others, to see who can reach the finish line first - but with a twist! One of you will be in the bubble and be rolled to the finish line by a team mate, whilst competing against other rival couples. Whoever wins gets the points!


5) British Bulldog - If you grew up in the 90s this was the playground game of choice! One person tries to knock over anyone who is trying to get past them to the finish line. If you get knocked over you are out but the last person standing takes the points!

6) Superman - Our newest and possibly most popular game which in volves leaping forward over the bubbles in a superman style, to see how many bubbles you can over without falling off



Other Bubble Football Games


1) Dizzy bubble penalties - A much loved favourite! You will be spun to the point where your legs forget how to work, and then try and score a goal, making it as hilarious to watch as it will be to actually do.

2) Cross bar challenge - Simple, surely! All you have to do is kick the ball so it hits the crossbar... whilst in a bubble... which may (definitely will) impact on your ability to see. Who will come out on top?!   


What is Bubble Football in Gibraltar Really Like?


• You'll laugh yourself silly.

• It doesn't hurt when you hit the ground as the bubble is larger enough to protect as you fall. You will need the specific way of getting back to you feet (we will teach you so no worries there).

• Most of the time you can get back on your feet without help.

• It is extraordinarily fulfilling when you manage to kick the ball and scoring a goal becomes absolutely monumental. Maybe you could be the next Bubble Football Gibraltar legend!

• By the end of a game of bubble football, you know you've had a little workout.

• Being immersed within a plastic bubble is something you could never have dreamed about as a child - so it is absolutely novel and exciting.

• Did I mention that you'll laugh yourself silly?

• Great for team building or corporate fun days or charity fund raising activities in Gibraltar. 


See our FAQ section to answer most of your questions or just give us a call for a chat - +350 200 44215